Craft Craziness

Every Fencing Dragon Needs Chainmail

A year or so ago I stumbled upon a crochet pattern for a dragon.  If you know me, you know my love for dragons.  So I started making one.  I picked a yarn that reminded me of Monet, my favorite painter.  I had no particular need of a crocheted dragon, but I continued to make it because I enjoyed the challenge.  Then one of my dear friends saw me working on it one night and “squeed.”  Yes, literally.  Hands to her mouth, eyes widening, squealing ensued.  So when I was finished making it, I gifted it to her.  After all, I hardly need more stuffed animals, my bookshelves are crowded with enough other dragon paraphernalia already.

A few weeks after getting her dragon, Ysmay decided it was her fencing mascot, and it would live in her fencing bag.  Well, a fencing could hardly be a fencer if it had no armor.  So I started making a chainmail shirt for her.  Ysmay recently acquired her own chainmail shirt, so it was only fitting her dragon own one as well.

chainmail dragon

But just having a chainmail shirt would hardly complete this little lady’s fencing gear.  I got really bored one night and made her a cloak in the colors of Ysmay’s fencing family, the Tadcasters.  And so, the fencing dragon was adorned and ready to fight.  Next up, a sword.