Garb and Fairy Coats and Yurts… Oh My!

A long time ago I realized I could pick up crafts abnormally fast.  While drawing portraits in art class baffled both my mind and my hands, if I was in front of a project I could “make” I was a happy camper.  The first craft I remember learning was sewing.  My mom sat me down at her old sewing machine and let me sew some straight lines.  Soon after that, straight lines were no longer good enough, and I decided to sew a sweatshirt (because why do something easy like a pillowcase, right?).

Since those early days, sewing has become my primary craft occupation.  While I may venture off into other crafts periodically, I always have piles and piles of sewing waiting for me.  When I discovered the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, medieval reenactment) my sewing took on a new level of importance.  I research period-accurate sewing and pattern techniques, and then do my best to recreate them.  I have also learned to love linen, and that Vikings were very good at creating clothes to keep themselves warm.

In this section you will find posts about my most exciting sewing adventures.  And loving tirades about industrial sewing machines, pattern creation, and sergers becoming my new best friend.