Busy Hands

It’s amazing how much I’ve created in such little free time…  A full time job, a weekend job, and SCA events have kept me very busy in the last few months.  It seems like all I’ve done recently is work and craft and try to sleep.

Now on the loom – a design for the person who won my item in the latest East Kingdom auction.
Primary and supplementary trim – Iron Bog Investiture – June 2018
Primary Trim
My first attempt at pick-up weaving.
A simple trim to adorn a Pelican cloak – Iron Bog Investiture – June 2018
Green Lantern trim, designed by me – spring 2018
My first experience with hexagonal weaving cards – six strings instead of four.
A gift for his Majesty of Atenveldt – Estrella War – February 2018
Auction winnings from the first East Kingdom auction I participated in.
This is actually my first period pattern piece – winter 2017/2018
Made the tunic and trim – Yule – December 2017
A rather complicated pattern, which I didn’t have time to finish.
Just enough trim to go on the tunic I made for the boy.
Hannukah presents for Mom and Grandma – Sheep Trim!

Alright, alright… I guess I’ll have a blog or something…

There’s only so much you can show with a Facebook post.  And since I lost a lot of my pictures when my phone decided to stop working, I should probably put them somewhere more permanent than Facebook.  So they’ll go here!  And maybe I’ll even remember to write once in a while!



Always a Maker

I consider it a blessing and a curse growing up with an artist for a mother.  My mom has been crafting since long before I was born, focusing on stained glass when I was young, and venturing into other avenues throughout the years.  From a young age, I wanted to make things.  I learned to sew when I was 8 or 9, and wanted my first project to be a sweatshirt.  I’m sure my mom tried to persuade me to make something easier, like a pillowcase or something, but I wanted a sweatshirt, so I was making a sweatshirt.  Which I still have, up in the attic.

My mom taught me a phrase that’s haunted me throughout the years…  Oh, you could make that!  And thus begun my journey to make ALL THE THINGS.  When I was young, it was little animals out of clay.  Then sewing bags, notebook covers, and pencil pouches for school.  After college, those long four years I was devoid of my sewing machine, I learned about a little thing called Pennsic.  Pennsic is an event run by the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that reenacts the Middle Ages with battles, arts, cooking, and comradery.  Pennsic itself is a two-week reenactment event, which meant I had an excuse to sew again!  I needed two weeks worth of garb to wear!  I was finally inspired to start making things again.  I taught myself chainmail and started making my own jewelry.  I researched period clothing styles and tried to recreate them.  I taught myself how to crochet – knight helmets, stuffed dragons, stuffed animals for baby gifts.  I learned how to use an industrial sewing machine and started sewing yurts for my friend’s company.  New projects don’t worry me, I enjoy teaching myself new skills and new crafts.

Last Pennsic I discovered inkle weaving, and in the months since I have been weaving every day.  I’ve made belts and trim as gifts, woven straps for archery quivers, and even started making camera straps for a few people.  I’ve loved the challenge that weaving provides, and I’ve taught myself a lot of skills through the different weaving methods I’ve found.  One of which is patience.  Another is how to pay attention to what I’m doing so I can figure out how to fix it when I mess up.

I’m not just a weaver though.  I’m not just a crocheter.  Or a seamstress.  Or a jeweler.  I’m a maker.  I make a lot of things.  If someone asks me, “Can you make…” I usually cut them off with a “Yes.” before they can finish the question.  When someone asks me what I make, I usually answer “… yes?”  I make a lot of things.  If you can think of a thing, I’ve probably made it at least once.  This includes spear throwing catapults, 8-foot-tall yurts, and a chainmail shirt for a stuffed dragon.

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